At Talkeetna Fly Fishing Expeditions safety is our greatest concern. We strictly follow Coast Guard Regulations and Alaska State regulations. We carry satellite communications devises and cell phones, and when it comes to riverboat trips, we have a backup transport service in case of an emergency.

We ask our clients to please let us know if they have any health issues. These can include special medications, recent surgeries and anything that can affect mobility. Some trips require more mobility than others.

We do not supply alcohol to our clients and there is no drinking on the boat or raft. We ask our clients wait until after our day is complete on the river before having a drink.


We prefer that your guide handle the bears. It takes years of experience to know when a bear can become an issue and it should be noted that its is exceptionally rare occurrence.

All guides are armed but stream bear contacts are rare although they do happen. How to act around bear is part of you’re morning safety briefing.

We do not recommend clients carrying their own firearms